Mabel Lake Fishing Charter with Rodney’s REEL Outdoors

Tyrel with a Mabel Lake Rainbow Trout
2 Huge Mabel Lake Salmon

Mabel lake at 34 kilometers long is one of our most under developed pristine lakes in the Okanagan Valley. The main fish targeted here are Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout and Bull Trout. However Mabel is unique in that it has a strong run of Chinook Salmon that return every year to spawn in it’s tributaries. With the Wap river at the north and the Shuswap river at the south the Salmon season runs from July 25th to September 12th every year. The Chinook Salmon range from 15 to 25 pounds with a few 40 pounders caught most years. Mabel lake like Shuswap lake also receives a run of Coho and Sockeye Salmon in the fall, that pass through the lake and spawn in it’s tributaries. This creates a good spring fishery in April and May for Rainbow and Lake Trout as they feed heavily on the fry and smolts migrating through the lake en route to the sea.

For our Mabel lake fishing charters you have the option of traveling with us to the lake or if you are camping at the lake we can meet you at the Kingfisher Marina or the Provincial Park at the south end of the lake. Mabel Lake is approximately 1-3/4 hours drive from Kelowna and consequently there is a fuel surcharge added to the charter cost.

In springtime when targeting the Rainbow Trout we use 8 weight fly rods paired with Ross Momentum reels and super fast sink lines. We use an assortment of minnow and leech patterns, spoons and plugs. During the summer when targeting the Chinook Salmon 10′ Shimano Mooching rods paired with Islander Mooching Reels are the norm. Flashers and hootchies, large plugs and spoons are trolled on downriggers from 30′ to 60′. Our Salmon success varies from year to year and is directly related to the amount of mature fish returning and water levels and temperatures in our rivers that the Salmon must migrate through. We’ve had some days where the fish just aren’t moving into the lake and other days when limits are the norm. There’s only one way to find out if the fish are there…and when you hook into one of these brutes it’s all worth the wait!

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