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Our boat the Tailchaser in Cabo

The “Tailchaser”

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284# Yellowfin Tuna…Time to Celebrate!

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In 2014 my wife and I decided to holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It’s also known as “Land’s End” as it is situated at the end of the Baja Peninsula. Our first trip was short, only 2 weeks but that’s all it took for us to become hooked to this wonderful area. The weather is very stable and comfortable. Cabo is modern, clean and the locals very friendly and accommodating to say the least. There’s a wide variety of very good restaurants from authentic Mexican, Italian and many establishments that will cook your fresh catch of fish.

The biggest draw for me was the fishing. These extremely fertile waters are host to Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado to say the least. “Lands End” is situated where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortes. The mixing of these two oceans creates some of the most productive waters anywhere found. There’s a reason why the world’s largest and richest Billfish and Tuna tournaments are held in Cabo…INCREDIBLE FISHING! These tournaments run from mid October and finish early November. In last years’ Bisbee “Black & Blue” Billfish tourney they gave away just over $3,000,000 usd and in the Tuna Jackpot over $850.000 usd. It’s no coincidence that I’ve planned these charters just after these events. Great weather and unbelievable fishing! Last years group that came with me to Cabo landed many Dorado and some BIG Tuna. Our 2 largest Tuna landed were 246# and 284# with one lost at the boat after an epic 1 hour 45 minute battle that I believe was well over 300#. To put it in perspective, the winning fish in the week prior Tuna Tournament was 272#. Although you catch catch Marlin in many areas surrounding Cabo part of your excursion will be 2 days on “Finger Bank”. A 56 mile run from port, not many captains fish this area because of time and fuel cost. They’re loss, our gain. Our best day to date is an amazing 32 Marlin in one day! It was constant double and triple headers!

Captains and Mates

Being a fishing guide myself I realize that not every Captain, boat and charter are the same. I’ve fished with many Captains over the years in Cabo, some very good and some that were, well, just OK. The Captains & Deckhands I fish with now are the best at what they do. They speak good english and will work extremely hard for you. Equipment is also a big part of the charter. Most of it is Shimano and in very good condition with enough rods and reels suited to the fish we are catching. Be prepared to hook, land and release fish on your own. This is not a typical “Mexican” charter where the deckhand hooks your fish and hands you a rod, he may do it the first time showing and explaining to you how to do it and you’ll soon be part of the crew. They’ll teach you as much as you want to learn, it’s your call. I’ve been working with a team of Captains that guide for “Tag Cabo Sportfishing“. Simply said…the best in Cabo!

What’s Included

7 Days, 6 nights accommodations, airport transfers, breakfast, coffee, lunches and 4 days fishing on board the 45 foot Cabo sedan “Tailchaser”. 2 days fishing the local areas up to 25 miles from port and 2 days fishing at Finger Bank for Striped Marlin. The Tailchaser is a beautiful luxurious boat and is a fishing dream. After our days fishing, while heading back to port you can sip a few cool ones on the command bridge with the Captain or crash in the air conditioned lounge. For your accommodations I have an assortment of Villas and Penthouses that will suit everyone’s needs. Everyone will have their own king bed and private bath for privacy and comfort. A typical trip will look like this: You’ll arrive on Sunday and be meet by me and our arranged transportation to our Villa. We’ll fish Monday and Tuesday. Take Wednesday off, believe me you’ll need it, and get right back at it fishing Thursday and Friday. Saturday I’ll see you off to the airport travelling home. Not Included is your flight, medical insurance, dinners, alcohol and vacuum sealing and flash freezing any fish you want to bring home. Should you wish to add days, not a problem. I am able to customize any trip to suit you.

Getting There & Cost

Departure is easy from Kelowna (YLW), Vancouver (YVR) and Calgary (YYC). It is a short 4 hour flight from these locations. Upon your arrival at Los Cabos International (SJD) you’ll be met by me and from here travel to our accommodations where I’ll be with you for your trip. Travel time is about 50 minutes.

In regard to pricing, I have put together a premium experience with whom I believe are the best guides, boats and equipment in Cabo San Lucas based on my 7 years fishing there with many different Captains and boats. You can definitely charter a less expensive boat. The boat won’t be air conditioned and will be slow and noisy, and not as comfortable to say the least. Your equipment most likely will be old and not size specific for the species you’ll be catching. Many captains can’t afford to have an assortment of rods/reels so they have older setups geared for the bigger fish. This allows them to fish for all species. Believe me, it’s no fun reeling in Dorado and smaller Tuna on huge reels meant for the bigger species. Your boat will have a variety of the best equipment including some of my own high end Shimano rods & reels. A typical charter starts at 7am and finishes at 3pm. With my guys we won’t be back before 5pm and the days at Finger Bank Marlin fishing you’ll be coming back as the sun sets. Your airport transfers will be in an Cadillac Escalade or better with cold refreshments waiting vs. a van with other people and multiple stops along the way. I can find cheaper accommodations for sure, but I’ve found you get what you pay for, especially in Mexico. And finally, I’ve booked the boat for 2 days at Finger Bank, a 115 mile return trip from port. There are extra costs involved for fuel and time for the Captain and deckhands on board. Believe me, after landing many, many Marlin you’ll want to relax in an air conditioned boat! I haven’t posted the cost as pricing can fluctuate due to fuel and accommodations. Please contact me for more info and cost. This is my most popular example of a charter in Cabo over the years. However, I can adjust times, dates, have a chef on board, accommodate wives and so on to make this your perfect sportfishing charter experience. Just give me a shout!

Our catch of fresh fish prepared in Cabo for dinner

Our catch of Dorado and Tuna for dinner!

Tuna fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Tuna Time!

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