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The 2nd annual “Kelowna Classic” will be held Saturday, October 19th, 2024. Every year it will be held the 3rd Saturday in October. The format will be similar as previously held events with the added feature of “Jackpots”. Jackpots are optional, only the entry fee is needed to participate. Entry Fee $70.00 includes GST. Every person onboard a boat whether or not they are fishing must purchase an event ticket. Every Jackpot an angler purchases gives that angler a chance to not only win 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th with their entry ticket but also win the Jackpots entered with the longest fish that the Jackpot specifies. 100% of all Jackpot entry fees go to the winners.  

Entry Fee Only – 1st Place $2000 | 2nd Place $1000 | 3rd Place $500 | 4th Place $300

Disclaimer – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place money are based on a minimum of 80 entrants. Money awarded may be adjusted if needed. 

Jackpot $20 – All Cash to Angler who purchased this Jackpot with 3rd place “Longest” Rainbow

Jackpot $40 – All Cash to Angler who purchased this Jackpot with 2nd place “Longest” Rainbow

Jackpot $60 – All Cash to Angler who purchased this Jackpot with 1st place “Longest” Rainbow

Jackpot $40 – All Cash to “Youth” Angler (18 years of age and younger) who purchased this Jackpot with  “Longest” Rainbow

Jackpot $40 – Burbot – All Cash to Angler who purchased this Jackpot with 1st place “Longest” Burbot

Start time will be 7am and end at 4:30pm local time Saturday, October 19th. Every person onboard will be considered fishing and therefore must have paid for a Tournament entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Fish? Anywhere on Okanagan Lake only

How much does it cost? Entry fee is $70 including GST. Optional Jackpots many be purchased but are not required to participate. Rulers are $20 including GST.  

How Do I Register & Pay? Download & Print Kelowna Classic Registration and Waiver Form 2024  Fill out & sign the form. Submit payment by an E-Transfer sent to rod@kelownafishing.com You Must put the following info in your E-Transfer; Angler Full Name, Cell Number & What Jackpots entered. For Example: John Smith 250-777-7777 20R,40R,60R,40Y,40B. (“R” = Rainbow, “Y” = Youth, “B” = Burbot) You MUST also Submit your signed registration / waiver form via email to rod@kelownafishing.com. 

Can I use a Ruler from another Derby? No. New Tournament Rulers can be purchased at the Registration Friday, October 18th at Trout Waters in Kelowna 2pm to 5:30pm for $20 cash only. Rulers can be re-used on subsequent “Kelowna Classic” Tournaments going forward.  

What Species of Fish? Rainbow Trout only for the Tournament Entry 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. There are 3 optional Jackpots for Rainbow Trout, 1 optional Jackpot for Youth (18 years of age and younger) and 1 optional Jackpot for “Longest” Burbot.

Do I need to register the day before the Derby? Yes. 1 person or representative from every “Boat or Team” will need to pick up a tournament decal and your “Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament” ruler. This will be at Trout Waters in Kelowna from 2pm to 5:30pm Friday, October 18th. Not everyone needs a ruler. Just 1 per boat. Use of any other ruler will void your fish entry. Cost $20.00 includes GST. Anyone can pick up the decal and ruler for each Team as long as every person in your team (on boat) has signed and submitted the Kelowna Classic Registration and Waiver Form 2024

What payment is accepted at Trout Waters? Cash. Only cash will be accepted in person at Trout Waters in Kelowna 2pm to 5:30pm on Friday, October 18th.

Do I need to sign a Waiver form? Yes. Here is a link to the printable Kelowna Classic Waiver Form 2024

Can I submit the waiver form on Friday, October 18th when I pay cash? Yes, I will have printed forms with me for you to read & sign if you don’t have a printer.

How do I enter my Fish? 2 Photos needed. #1 showing the fish on the “Certified” Debry Ruler with the Derby “Decal” shown laying on your fish. Your fish is measured from the tip of the nose touching the ruler bump edge to the longest point of the tail. #2. A picture of the Angler holding the Fish. The background must be in focus to show location on Okanagan Lake. Do Not use “portrait” mode on your phone. If background is blurred your entry will be void. It is highly recommended that you show a “landmark” in your photo proving you are on Okanagan Lake. For example, Rattlesnake Island, Lake Okanagan Resort, Fintry, Cedar Creek, OK Center, Mission Hill, Young’s Orchard…

Will there be Derby updates? Yes. Here is the Link Leader Board 2024. All derby updates will be on this website page. Updating on the website vs. text messaging will allow for more accurate updating throughout the day. The leader board will be updated in real time as texts “pictures” are sent in from Anglers during the event. As well, there will be draws for cool fishing equipment and swag during the event and the winners will be posted here.

How do the Jackpots work? If an angler has the longest Rainbow for the tournament that angler will win the 1st place amount of $2000. If the Angler purchased the $60 Jackpot he will also will all the cash in the $60 Jackpot. However, If that Angler didn’t purchase the $60 Jackpot the winner of the $60 Jackpot goes to the longest fish submitted by all the $60 Jackpot entrants.

What are the Tournament Rules? Follow this link for rules. Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament Rules

What if I witness someone cheating? Take a picture if possible and send immediately via Text to Rodney at 250-718-7744. For Example, too many lines in water or starting early…

Download & Print Forms

Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament Rules 2024  

Kelowna Classic Registration and Waiver Form 2024

Kelowna Classic Waiver Form 2024

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