“Kelowna Classic” Fishing Tournament Rules

Print Form –Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament Rules 2024

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament!

It is my goal that every one has a safe and fun time during this event. I will do my very best to ensure a safe, fun and fair event for everyone. My hope is that everyone follows the rules laid out. No one likes a cheater, let’s keep this event free from things like people starting early and too many lines in the water. Let’s have a safe, fun and fair event. Be advised that Conservation has been notified and will likely be on the water.

There will be NO prizes for hidden lengths. We need to protect our Rainbow resource as best we can and there’s no point in handling fish more than what is needed. There will be no text message updates this year. It didn’t work well in 2023. All updates will be on our website.

The Tournament leader board on the website (www.kelownafishing.com) will be updated in “real time” as Anglers’ catches are submitted. Text your fish to 250-718-7744. There is a link on the 1st page under Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament called “Kelowna Classic Leader Board 2024”. Angler updates will be posted here throughout the event as well as ticket draws for cool fishing gear and swag!

Remember to Thank our Sponsors, be Safe and TightLines!

Rodney Hennig

Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament Rules – 2024

By entering the Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament all participants declare that they have an understanding of all tournament rules and agree to abide by them. You are responsible for your safety and actions at all times before, during and after the “Kelowna Classic” Tournament.  

  1. All BC fishing regulations must be abided by or you and your team / boat will be disqualified.
  2. All regulations set forth by Transport Canada must be abided by. Boat owners MUST comply with all safety requirements and have their PCOC certification as per Transport Canada regulations.
  3. The tournament is held on the waters of Okanagan Lake only. You may fish anywhere on Okanagan Lake. No Tributaries. Any participant caught fishing on a different lake will be immediately disqualified.
  4. Anybody caught cheating will be banned for life from the Tournament. No Exceptions.
  5. Payouts. Tournament entry fee ($70) is valid for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th longest Rainbow Trout. In addition, there are optional Jackpots for 1st, 2nd, 3rd longest Rainbow Trout, longest Burbot and a Youth category 18 years of age and younger for the longest Rainbow Trout. An angler who purchases any of these Jackpots and has the corresponding longest fish for that Jackpot will win the total cash in that Jackpot and if they qualify also the derby entry categories.
  6. Everyone onboard the boat whether they are fishing or not must have paid for an event ticket ($70) and completed and signed the Registration & Waiver form. Any person onboard without an event ticket will have the entire boat disqualified.
  7. Tournament will commence at 7am on Saturday, October 19th, 2024 and end at 4:30pm local time on the same day. Anyone caught with lines in the water prior to 7am will have the whole boat disqualified. It is OK to drive to your spot and setup all your gear. However, your boat must be in neutral, not moving with no lines in the water. 
  8. Submitting a photo of your catch. 2 Photos Needed. 1st Photo – Once a fish is caught, the participant is responsible for taking a legible photo on a Kelowna Classic Approved Tournament Ruler. It must show the length of the fish with your tournament “DECAL” laid on top of the fish. The picture MUST be taken looking down at the fish. The photo must show the fish’s nose firmly against the ruler’s front edge (Bump) with the longest point of the tail measured to the nearest eighth of an inch. Once the fish is measured, send the picture via text to Rodney at 250-718-7744 or email rod@kelownafishing.com. If you don’t receive confirmation of your entered fish within 30 minutes call Rodney 250-718-7744. The tournament Judge is not responsible if your fish is not received prior to closing at 4:30pm local time. You need not keep your fish for the event. Once you’ve taken a picture you may release your fish or keep should you choose. It will be the discretion of the Judge to confirm the photo was done correctly and that the fish is in fact the length as stated when called in. If there is a discrepancy between the called in length and photographic length of the fish the event entrant will place in the event as per the Judge deems appropriate. 2nd Photo – A picture of the Angler holding the fish with the background in focus to show location on Okanagan Lake. Do Not use “portrait” mode on your phone. If background is blurred your entry will be void. It is highly recommended that you show a “landmark” in your photo proving you are on Okanagan Lake. IE. Peachland, Okanagan Resort, Eldorado Resort, Fintry, Rattlesnake Island, Grant’s Island, Young’s Orchard, Cedar Creek, Casa Loma and so on.
  9. Registration ends at 9pm local time October 18th, 2024
  10. Tournament is for longest fish not weight.
  11. All photos must be taken on an official “Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament” ruler. No Exceptions.
  12. In the case of a tie, the first fish entered will bump the latter to the next position on the leader board.
  13. All decisions of the Derby Judge are final and cannot be protested.
  14. Anglers cheating and / or not adhering to the rules set forth will be disqualified without refund and may be subject to legal prosecution.
  15. The Kelowna Classic Fishing Tournament organizers reserve the right at their discretion to deny a person’s entry in the tournament.

      Be Safe, Good Luck and TightLines Everyone!